April 08, 2021

Kuriyama Announces USA Bobsled Team Sponsorship

USA Bobsled/Skeleton sponsor

Kuriyama of America™ is pleased to announce their official sponsorship of the US National Bobsled and Skeleton Teams

The association brings attention to Kuriyama’s legacy Kuri Tec® and Tigerflex™ brands; primarily their industry leading, low-temperature flexible, Kuri Tec Tundra Air® and Water Hoses, as well as their low-temperature Tigerflex™ BW™ Series Hoses. As just like the US Bobsled team, they’re designed for optimal performance in sub-zero temperatures.

Additionally, the association is being used to promote the “cool running” nature of their recently introduced KuriCrimp™ Crimpers, who’s larger oil reservoirs provide “cooler”, smoother running crimpers, that in turn reduce stress on parts, seals and gaskets for longer life.

“We had several customers comment on how impressed they were with how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ the crimpers ran; something they hadn’t even really taken into consideration beforehand,” said Tim O’Neill, Kuriyama Marketing Manager. “We wanted to highlight that fact, and thought this was a good way to do so while also helping our amateur athletes compete.”

Unlike many of the nations they compete against, the USA Bobsled and Skeleton teams depend mainly on private donations and sponsorships in order to compete. Kuriyama’s association with the team currently extends through the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

“Kuriyama falls right in line with our team of partners,” said USABS Director of Partner and Sponsorship Development Michelle Knous. “They are a company that understands the financial burden of amateur sport and we appreciate their support, as well as the help they’re providing upgrading the low temperature hoses we use at the tracks.”

Kuriyama of America is a global leader in the development and manufacture of industrial and hydraulic hose; for industries such as such as Manufacturing, Agriculture, Firefighting, Food & Beverage, Chemical Processing and Oil & Gas. The Kuriyama Group consists of eight manufacturing plants and sixteen sales and distribution centers spread across North American, South America, Asia and Europe.

For additional information contact:
Timothy O’Neill, Marketing Manager
Kuriyama of America, Inc.
Tel.: 847-755-0360
Email: toneill@kuriyama.com